Paranello Robotstofzuiger Multibot met 67% korting!

Paranello Robotstofzuiger Multibot

Bestel – alleen vandaag –  Paranello Robotstofzuiger Multibot met 67% korting! Alleen verkrijgbaar in België.

Vandaag een wel hele mooie deal voor mensen die een hekel hebben aan het stofzuigen van hun huis. De Paranello Robotstofzuiger Multibot is een volautomatische robotstofzuiger die het huis schoonmaakt met een druk op de knop. Deze robotstofzuiger zoekt zijn weg door het huis en houdt het op deze manier stofvrij. Of het nu vloerbedekking is of harde vloeren, het maakt niets uit. En om het allemaal nog net even makkelijker te maken zoekt de Multibot automatisch zijn oplaadstation op als zijn batterij bijna leeg is.

Normaal betaal je voor de Multibot Robotstofzuiger van Paranello € 449,- maar alleen vandaag kun je deze effectieve hulp in de huishouding bemachtigen voor slechts € 149,95. Een erg leuk cadeautje als je partner (of jij zelf natuurlijk!) niet zo houdt van stofzuigen. 

Wat kun je verwachten?

  • Paranello Multibot stofzuigrobot
  • Van € 449,- voor € 149,95 (67% korting)
  • Geschikt voor verschillende vloertypen
  • Meegeleverd worden: oplaadstation, virtual wall (virtuele muur), afstandsbediening, adapter en gebruiksaanwijzing
  • Een volle batterij levert een twee uur actieve Multibot, waarna hij automatisch zijn oplaadstation op zoekt
  • Zeer stille stofzuiger
  • 320 x 87 mm en 3,2 kg
  • Verzendingskosten inbegrepen
  • Leveringstermijn van ongeveer 14 werkdagen (vanaf 19 december), enkel in België
Bekijk hier een filmpje van de Paranello Multibot Vacuum Robotstofzuiger:


Iets voor jou? Wacht dan niet langer met bestellen en klik snel hier voor meer informatie over het product of om tot aanschaf over te gaan. Ben je er echter van bewust dat deze aanbieding alleen vandaag en in beperkt aantal geldig is!

Jouw mening telt!

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Paranello Robotstofzuiger Multibot met 67% korting!
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  1. steeno says

    Paranello review
    To all who might want to buy a Paranello Multibot or any other item they sell:
    This is not only a review of the Multibot but also a review of Paranello.
    And their promise…They build the future….uhm uhm…..

    At the end of December last year I was able to buy a Multibot for a low price through Groupon.
    At that time I was a dummy concerning this new technology and thought this would be a good alternative for (for example) the more expensive Irobot Roomba.
    Like I said I did not know better at that time!

    Because of the high demand it took a while before I received my purchase.
    When I used the Multibot for the first time it looked like it was a good cleaning vacuum robot.
    But nothing was more true…

    At first I had some questions about the docking station as it seemed that the robot always remained at the station even when the battery was full. I thought that this was not normal, it keeps consuming energy all the time, doesn’t it?
    But after the third time in use the UV light (anti-bacterial) broke.
    So I send my first mail to I send a mail with my questions about the docking station and that this UV light was broken, I informed them the thing with the light was not my biggest concern as I mentioned that besides the UV light the cleaner itself seemed to work well (but the robot got stuck easily too / stopped in alarm).

    What happened next surprised me!
    I immediately received a phone call from the transportation company TNT that they want to pick up my package. Uhm?
    I said I didn’t know what and why they want to pick up a package.
    Soon after I received an email from Paranello that I rejected the pick up. So I knew then that it was about the robot.
    I first wanted to receive an explanation to my questions. But they didn’t answer. They only wanted to pick up the device for repair in warranty….strange uh?
    I could already guess that this PARANELLO customer care service was worse then ever. They use always the same sentences (take a look on the internet) they track down all the complaints given on the internet and reply (always the same), they don’t answer to your questions, they just don’t know nothing! I even asked to call me but they couldn’t as they haven’t got any phones…???
    Perhaps this is a customer care somewhere far far away…? I even found out that Paranello has no contact address in Europe, which is not legal!

    I was sick of sending mails back and forth so I played along and arranged the pick up.
    It took almost two weeks to get back the vacuum cleaner, what was not that long but as soon as I tried the Multibot I saw that the UV light was still not working!!!

    So I complained again by mail. They said to check the internal error by some buttons and so I did, as it was not written or explained in the user manual!
    P.S. The user manual is very vague!!!The error code I sent back by mail to Paranello and they gave me no explanation whatever, what was wrong or I could do. As you might already guess, I got a phone call from TNT that they wanted to pick up a package…

    After a few mails back and forth (again complaining about the docking station/UV light/…) I decided to agree to send back my device for a SECOND REPAIR, so without knowing why exactly…
    This time it took a month before I got back the robot. The service report mentioned there was a battery problem (oh really did it?), main board and UV light were replaced. And surprise surprise! After the first charge I tried the cleaner again and it ran about 10 minutes and the robot returned to the docking station because of a flat battery…This can not be true!!!
    So I tried again and again, always the same, 10 minutes after a full charge and flat battery again….return to docking station….
    Again I sent my complaints and that I was sick of it! This was not the quality and service I thought it must be! So I said I want a refund of my money and one last time pick up of the device towards Paranello but no return to me.
    No answer….
    A few days later I sent back again that mail.
    No answer…

    In meantime I could look to other brands of cleaners because I really believe in these devices, especially when you have pets in the house, like I do. I want a new one but better quality but I accept the more expensive price too.
    Because of the Groupon voucher I could buy it quite cheap. But the actual price is not that low compared to Irobot for example. I went to a store and asked them to test one of their Irobots, the Roomba 531. This one cost the same price as the Multibot!

    At home the outer casing looked identical to the Multibot, but once you switch on the robot and watch it running you see immediately the difference.
    It has a more advanced controller inside so like the rotation of the wheels when turning (less annoying noise!) and cleaning of a room is much much more better and done smoother than the Multibot. The roomba could exit small places much easier too.
    It is clear to me that the Multibot is just a very CHEAP Hong Kong Chinese copy…
    The Multibot also often got stuck at some places where the Irobot didn’t, the Irobot failed not even once at my home!
    Again a thing to compare that the motors of the wheels are stronger, so better quality.
    The service organisation who repair the devices are very bad doing their job I guess such will not happen with Irobot.

    Two days ago I threatened that I would post this letter to every link what has to do with the name Paranello, to inform all of you about my experience.
    Until now no reply….


    To ALL who might think to buy a PARANELLO item I can only tell you
    DO NOT BUY PARANELLO equipment!!!!
    In case you bought something already most likely you feel the same as I do now….deceived!

    Please inform as many people as you can because Paranello don’t build THE future, they build crap and THEIR future on YOUR money!!!!!!

    • Carlos Boerjan says

      Thank you very much for your report! It helped me to refrain from a purchase of this apparent rubbish. Unfortunately this bad experience with Groupon adds up to lots of others. We have to think twice before buying something through this channel…

      • says

        Thank you so much for your review. I was about to forward the Groupon offer for the Paranello Multibot to my son. I now deteted that mail and I am glad that I have not become the cause of my son’s deception about the Multibot!

    • marian says

      Ik ben het zeker niet eens met u. ik heb sinds geruime tyd een paranello stofzuiger en ben er heel tevreden over en is even goed of myn irobot roomba.
      ook de service nadien verliep heel vlot.

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